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Detect osteoporosis early & accompany therapies safely

With our innovative analysis procedure, the first signs of osteoporosis can be detected well before the previous standard procedure with X-rays (DXA) can indicate a loss of bone density. What can remain undetected on the X-ray for years, the OsteoTest already shows. It provides certainty and the chance to start therapy early and to live without complaints in old age.

About osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a widespread disease. More than half of all women over 50 suffer from it. At the latest when the first symptoms of menopause appear, you should know whether you are showing signs of osteoporosis.

Early detection

According to current knowledge, osteoporosis cannot be cured, but it can be easily stopped by targeted diet and exercise as well as therapy. This is why early diagnosis and treatment are so important.

Eine OsteoLabs-Beraterin bespricht mit einem Patienten die Diagnose und Therapie von Osteoporose für eine optimale Gesundheitsversorgung.

For doctors

The OsteoTest is the ideal companion for the detection and therapy of osteoporosis. The procedure provides exact measured values for determining the calcium loss in the bones. Changes can be recorded and evaluated objectively and scientifically.

Test procedure

The OsteoTest | home from osteolabs works in an uncomplicated way and without X-rays, because it determines the calcium ratios in the bones using a urine sample. All you need for the evaluation is a small amount of morning urine, which you send to our specialised laboratory.

Patient information

In this section we provide our customers with helpful information, be it for your next visit to the doctor, a sample result or which practice in your area is already using the test successfully.

Known from

What our clients say

Click here to read the testimonial of our brand ambassador Heike Henkel and how our partner doctors use the OsteoTest.

Very uncomplicated, effective procedure, easy to use product. Detailed report, result came after 14 days. I will have the test repeated in a year. This way I can see if the previous measures have worked. I can only recommend this to anyone who wants a quick and uncomplicated clarification of their osteopathic complaints.

- Gudrun Deeke

The test is very well done, uncomplicated and with good instructions. The test result is meaningful. The problem is rather that - if oestoporosis is diagnosed - you have to go to a doctor to discuss how to proceed. But the doctor then wants to do his own test, possibly using conventional methods (X-rays), which is what you wanted to avoid. This means that in principle you are tested twice...

- Uta L.

The result came within the announced time and ensured that my health insurance paid for an X-ray examination although I do not currently have any problems. My supplementary insurance also covered the costs of the test in full. This gave me the opportunity to do something before it was too late.

- Andrea

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